Configure created by doesn't add $prefix/include to include path?

I am building gnome from cvs, parallel to standard RH8.0 gnome 2 which I use for everyday work. I download the bzip2 libraries as source and compile these into my parallel build as well, which creates a $PREFIX/include/bzip.h.

The configure script created for gnome-vfs by in gnome-common does not seem to look in $PREFIX/include, only in /usr/include. Therefore my configure script always fails and tells me I don't have the bzip libraries. If I copy or link bzip.h into /usr/include all goes well.

I believe the makefiles created are fine, they do look in $PREFIX. Put me straight, isn't this really bad? (I'm assuming this affects all gnome modules and not just gnome-vfs). Shouldn't the tests in configure use exactly the same include directories as the makefiles? I would have thought this could create all kinds of subtle build bugs on various configurations... or am I doing something completely stoopid.

Darryl Rees.

PS. If the author of bzip happens to be reading, could please you please add an install target to the shared library makefile for bzip...

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