preferred URL handler and gnome_url_show()

In the "Preferred Applications" dialog (Web Browser tab), whenever I set
the preferred URL handler to "Custom Web Browser: /usr/bin/mozilla" and
close the dialog, when I re-open the dialog, the radio-button is
reverted back to "Select a Web Browser: Mozilla/Netscape 6". 
Furthermore, when I click on a URL in evolution, for example, evo spits
out an error message: "(evolution:8654): evolution-mail-WARNING **:
gnome_url_show: Failed to execute child process
"/usr/bin/MozillaFirebird" (No such file or directory)".

Previously, MozillaFirebird was my default browser, but I've uninstalled
it, and also changed ~/.gnome/Gnome as follows:

[URL Handlers]
default-show=/usr/bin/mozilla --newwin "%s"
ghelp-show=/usr/bin/mozilla "%s"
info-show=/usr/bin/nautilus "%s"
man-show=/usr/bin/nautilus "%s"
http-show=/usr/bin/mozilla "%s"
https-show=/usr/bin/mozilla "%s"
ftp-show=/usr/bin/mozilla "%s"
file-show=less "%s"

I even did a recursive grep for "MozillaFirebird" in ~/.gnome and
~/.gnome2 and couldn't find it.  Why can't Gnome accept that I want to
open /usr/bin/mozilla?  What gives?


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