Re: How do I reinstall/re-initialize my gnome2 desktop?

While I have yet to use Ximian's latest release, I do know that previous
Ximian releases had a program called "ximian-doorman". I would suggest
you try running that from the run dialog or from a terminal.

I don't remember, but that may or may not do anything when you run it.
If it doesn't try logging out and back in and you should be greeted with
the wizard you got when you first installed Ximian-Gnome.

Failing that, see my email of about 5 minutes ago on renaming your
various gnome-related directories so that they can be recreated.


On Tue, 2003-07-29 at 11:39, mxfabbri_news wrote:
> I tried upgrading to the latest Ximiam gnome desktop.
> I was upgrading from a version of gnome2 provided by
> Redhat 9.
> After the upgrade Gnome could no longer find my the
> window manager, and as a result would not run.  
> How can I reinstall or reinitialize the ximiam gnome
> desktop to the equivalent of the initial installed
> state?   I want to get it back to its initial working
> state.
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