Re: How do I switch window managers in Gnome 2.2?

On Mon, 2003-04-21 at 12:27, James Amundson wrote:
> I am using Gnome 2.2 from RedHat 9. I would like to change my window
> manager to something other than Metacity. Several documents I found on
> the web suggested typing
> 	killall -9 metacity; sleep 5; sawfish &
> That doesn't work -- metacity restarts immediately. Reducing the sleep
> to 1 doesn't help. The Gnome wiki at says
> "By popular request, the window manager chooser will be back in 2.1 (and
> therefore 2.2) despite it being a really wrong idea."
> If a window manager chooser made it back into 2.2, either I cannot find
> it or RedHat removed it in their version.
> So, how do I switch window managers in Gnome 2.2?
> Thanks,
> Jim Amundson
> P.S. Ironically, I was looking forward to using metacity in Gnome 2.2,
> having only used Gnome 1.4 with sawfish previously. Metacity sounded
> like such a good idea. Now that I have tried it, however, I hate it with
> a white-hot passion. I guess that's life.

Go to gnome-session-properties, turn of respawn for metacity, then
the above will work.


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