Re: layers and layers of windows managers

Just an update for the archives, and future troubleshooters:

1. To fix this problem, make your .xinitrc look something like this.
	setenv WINDOW_MANAGER metacity
	metacity &
	exec gnome-session
Once Gnome 2 is working again, you can eliminate some of these.

2. Edit ~/.gnome2/default.wm to look something like this:

3. Rename or remove ~/.gnome2/session and re-run startx

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if you wish to keep using gnome and just change which window manager
starts up, open the gnome control center (bin/gnomecc) and modify the
"Window Manager" page of the "Desktop" category.

alternatively, edit ~/.gnome/default.wm and put the windowmanager in


or whatever.

if you don't wish to run gnome at all, then just edit your .xinitrc file
and change the exec line to something else. that file is a script. i'm
attaching mine.

if you're running startx, all you need is an .xinitrc file. i typically
just link .xinitrc and .xsession. if something is spawning multiple root
images, just search for them recursively.

~/$ for i in image1.jpg image2.jpg; grep -r $i \.*


======================begin .xinitrc
============================end .xinitrc
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