Re: Remote login

It is possible to set up a remote log in from a PC with Linux OS to a PC
with Windows OS?
Can I use xhost to do this?

If the Windows machine is XP server then you can use the remote desktop - it's quite fast, but I have no idea how secure it is. There is a Linux client around somewhere.

What I've done (this works with any version of Windows) is to run VNC on the Windows box, install Cygwin, and tunnel VNC through OpenSSH so I'm hopefully not leaving myself too open. I'd also suggest putting a firewall on the Windows end (Tiny Firewall is easy to use) so the unencrypted VNC port can be blocked. Then it's just a matter of setting up the port forwarding, which can be done easily enough with a shell script on the Linux box.

I installed the full Cygwin environment, but if all you want is basically OpenSSH on Windows - you don't care so much about having a fully-featured bash shell - the easy way to do this is with Network Simplicity's installer.

The problem with "my" solution is you don't have a separate desktop; so it's not workable if someone else is using the Windows machine. XP's remote desktop is an actual separate desktop (more like running VNC on Linux). The downside of remote desktop is it's only available for XP server, as far as I know.

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