Re: Stability of Gnome2

I've recently reinstalled my desktop with RH 7.3. On top of that i've
installed the devel snapshots by ximian (using red-carpet). I had some
problems, but i think most were my own fault (my user-id changed, but i
didn't chown on my data files, so my configuration couldn't be
accessed). After resolving these problems, gnome2 runs stable again.
Haven't had any crash (yet).

Keep in mind though that I'm using development snapshots, so they aren't
guaranteed to be stable. However as said, haven't had any problems so


On Thu, 2002-09-05 at 11:21, dballester kernpharma com wrote:
> Hi to all:
>      Anybody can say my  if gnome 2 is sufficient stable to install it in
> my office desktop? I actually have RH7.3 with some packages recompiled (
> gnome, X... ). If the answer is yes, can you recomend what source to
> download ( I'm interessed in the srpms ), in the gnome 2 site I can see
> downloads for mandrake, gentoo... but i'm not sure what try to my RedHat
> 7.3....
> As always, a lot of TIAs
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