Galeon crash

  Hi. I have a problem that might be related to gnome. I have two machines
with debian woody installed, no software outside the standard
distribution. I use the gnome desktop and, among other applications,
galeon. I've noticed, after a few weeks without problems, that galen
crashes every time I launch it for the first time after booting. 
If I try a second time, nothing's wrong. 
 I receive a message like this:

    Application "/usr/bin/galeon-bin" (process 325) has crashed due to a
    fatal error (Segmentation fault).

 And today I noticed I also get a message in standard output, if I have a
terminal open: 

    Gtk-CRITICAL ** file gtkmain.c:line 582 (gtk_main_quit): assertion
    main_loops !=NULL failed.

 Anyone has had similar problems?



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