solaris 2.6 and gnome 2

Anyone have any success with gnome 2 on solaris 2.6 yet?

(It's finally fairly clean building, so i got around to trying it).

I seem to be seeing a few problems on startup, but i don't really know
the whole startup sequence real well...

- the window manager starts (sawfish), but crashes after a bit.  I'm not
sure i'm running the latest version of sawfish, but metacity runs fairly
clean.... how do i switch the default window manager?

- nautilus starts (process running) but never outputs anything on the
console or draws anything on the desktop.

- the panel never appears although  the task is running.... could be
related to one or both of the above...

After the startup window clears, i can go ahead and open an xterm, and
run stuff and the environment seems fairly functional..... if i kill and
restart the pannel it appears and functions correctly.  Same with
metacity, except i get some warning about "SESSION_MANAGER" not being
set.  Don't know if this is a problem or not.

I will attach the console log as well of the initial startup attempt.



(gnome-session:4105): GLib-CRITICAL **: file ghash.c: line 554 (g_hash_table_foreach): assertion `hash_table != NULL' failed

(gnome-session:4105): GLib-CRITICAL **: file ghash.c: line 554 (g_hash_table_foreach): assertion `hash_table != NULL' failed

(gnome-session:4105): GLib-CRITICAL **: file ghash.c: line 554 (g_hash_table_foreach): assertion `hash_table != NULL' failed
Gnome-Message: gnome_execute_async_with_env_fds: returning -1

** (process:4143): WARNING **: CORBA_ORB_destroy: ORB still has 2 refs.

** (process:4143): WARNING **: ORB: a total of 6 refs to 5 ORB objects were leaked
error in local config--> (void-value xterm-program)

** (gnome-panel:4163): WARNING **: panel-hide-delay not handled

** (gnome-panel:4163): WARNING **: panel-show-delay not handled

** (gnome-panel:4163): WARNING **: panel-animation-speed not handled

** (gnome-panel:4163): WARNING **: tooltips-enabled not handled

** (gnome-panel:4163): WARNING **: enable-animations not handled

** (gnome-panel:4163): WARNING **: panel-window-layer not handled

** (gnome-panel:4163): WARNING **: panel-minimized-size not handled

** (gnome-panel:4163): WARNING **: enable-key-bindings not handled

** (gnome-panel:4163): WARNING **: auto_raise_panel not handled

** (gnome-panel:4163): WARNING **: menu-key not handled

** (gnome-panel:4163): WARNING **: autoraise-panel not handled

** (gnome-panel:4163): WARNING **: run-key not handled

** (gnome-panel:4163): WARNING **: panel_window_layer not handled

** (gnome-panel:4163): WARNING **: window-screenshot-key not handled

** (gnome-panel:4163): WARNING **: drawer-autoclose not handled

** (gnome-panel:4163): WARNING **: confirm-panel-remove not handled

** (gnome-panel:4163): WARNING **: highlight-launchers-on-mouseover not handled

** (gnome-panel:4163): WARNING **: keep-menus-in-memory not handled

(gnome-panel:4163): libgnomevfs-WARNING **: module '/usr/galactica/prodigy/rcag/lierman/gnome2/lib/gnome-vfs-2.0/modules/' returned a NULL handle

(gnome-panel:4163): libgnomevfs-WARNING **: module '/usr/galactica/prodigy/rcag/lierman/gnome2/lib/gnome-vfs-2.0/modules/' returned a NULL handle

** (gnome-panel:4163): WARNING **: panel_applet_load: can't find the panel for this object

rep: received fatal signal: Bus Error

struct debug_buf common:

Backtrace in `fatal_signal_handler':

Lisp backtrace:
#2   sm-connect ...
#1   sm-init ...

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