terminal icon name ?

The title and icon-name of an xterm is controlled by special control
sequences. For example issuing a command from the shell running in an

  printf "\033]x;string\007"

sets the
  title and icon-name  to  'string'   ---- if x == 0
  icon-name            to  'string'   ---- if x == 1
  title                to  'string'   ---- if x == 2

This is at least, what I found somewhere, and it indeed worked.
Gnome-terminal is said to support the features of xterm, but in practice I
found that both the title and icon-name are set if x==0 or x==2, and
nothing happens, if x==1.

I have been using Pine in an xterm,  setting enable-newmail-in-xterm-icon,
so that whenever a new mail arrived, the icon name in the fvwm95 pager
changed, and I noticed it without having to change to the desktop
containing PINE. This does not work with gnome-terminal, most probably due
to the above mentioned problem. Is it possible to make PINE set the
icon-name of a gnome-terminal?


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