Re: hide panel

Thats actually a very good idea, not sure if it's possible though.
Actually could you file a feature request for this at
in the gnome-panel component. Might be a nice feature if it's possible


On Fri, 2002-05-03 at 13:46, Goins, James R wrote:
> Hi,
>    I have been trying to find a command that can be run to toggle the 
> gnome panel between hidden and unhidden states (I am looking for the 
> same toggle behavoir as the hide/unhide buttons on the side of the 
> panel, only initiated via a command instead of a mouse click).
>    The reason I am looking for a command is so I can bind a keyboard 
> shortcut to it so I can quickly move the panel out of my way without 
> having to grab the mouse, or unhide it to check the clock/or other 
> applet real quick.
>    Is there any command that can be executed to toggle the hidden status 
> of the panel? Or is there possibly some control panel option that I 
> couldn't find that allows one to bind a keyboard shortcut to this action?
> Thanks very much,
>    Jim

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