Nautilus crash when tif-file is in directory

Hi all,

I experience a somewhat strange behaviour when Nautilus-2.0.0 shall list
a directory. If a single *.tif-file is present in that directory,
Nautilus crashes with seg-fault. bugzilla output is:

From:  <>
To: submit bugs gnome org
X-Mailer: bug-buddy 2.2.0
Subject: crash when tif file in directory

Package: nautilus
Severity: major
Version: 2.0.0
Synopsis: crash when tif file in directory
Bugzilla-Product: nautilus
Bugzilla-Component: Thumbnails
BugBuddy-GnomeVersion: 2.0 (2.0.1)

Description of Problem:

Steps to reproduce the problem:
1. move all *tif files to TIF-directory
2. display contens of TIF directory with nautilus, no matter if view as icons or view as list
3. nautlius crashes

Actual Results:
Nautilus crashes when tif-file in directory

Expected Results:
Nautilus shall not crash

How often does this happen?
every time a directory containing a tif-file is entered

Additional Information:
using libtiff-3.5.5-195

Debugging Information:

Backtrace was generated from '/opt/gnome2/bin/nautilus'

Program terminated with signal ?, Unknown signal.
The program no longer exists.

Any ideas or has someone experienced something similiar?


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