Re: Window List mouse-bindings

El lun, 01-07-2002 a las 16:24, Alexander Larsson escribió:
> On Mon, 1 Jul 2002, Calum Benson wrote:
> > mike wrote:
> > > 
> > > double-click to minimize - makes sense to me
> > 
> > Not to a lot of people, however... having to double-click on a button to
> > make it do something is a flagrant abuse of the button widget, and
> > exactly the sort of thing that breaks peoples' mental models of how All
> > This GUI Stuff is supposed to work...
> Click on unfocused window => make focused, click on focused window => 
> minimize. This also means: double click on unfocused window => minimize.

	Yep, but not on focused windows, and the double-click timeout doesn't
apply in your case. It really is two single clicks, as you well know
:-), even from the user point of view (if they don't know, they will
learn easily that one click is for focusing -bringing the window up, if
you want- and another one is for minimizing it).

	I tried Gnome2 two months ago, it came in a CD from a magazine, dunno
the version, and the Task List worked randomly minimizing windows, and
only but single clicking on focused ones. Behavior in Gnome 1 has
changed during time and packages. I saw it working with single and
double click, and even button 2 single click once :-).

	My opinion is that single click is the best option, but it's that, my
opinion. Usability test are there for this kind of things.

	In another thread I think usability tests have a mayor flaw, they lack
the expert user usability point of view. They like a lot of
configuration options to test and choose the one that fits better their
fills, and change that if this changes. This can be handled by GConf
keys not reflected in preferences windows, but that can be changed
through a GConf editing tool, like gconf-editor, or another, 3rd party
designed, tool, in the way TweakUI works for Windows. This keys need not
to be something obscure, as in Windows, thanks to schema description of
the key. This way I could change the behavior of task list, for example.


P.S. I have been without internet connection since four months ago, so
if something like the said in the last paragraph has been discussed
before then let it go.

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