Re: Window List mouse-bindings

>>>>> "m" == mike  <mike redtux demon co uk> writes:

    m> On Sun, 2002-06-30 at 20:15, Joseph Barillari wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> In Gnome 1.4, clicking on an application's title in the
    >> tasklist toggled the window's minimized state. In Gnome 2,
    >> clicking on a title in the Window List only unminimizes the
    >> window. Clicking on the title of a a window that isn't
    >> minimized does nothing.
    >> Is there any way to get Window List to revert to the old
    >> behavior?
    >> According to the "About" dialog, I'm using Window List 1.0,
    >> with the Gnome 2 distribution supplied by Debian Experimental.

    m> double-click to minimize - makes sense to me

Not quite -- Double-clicking with mouse-[123456] will not minimize the
window. Is this the normal behavior, or is my installation broken?



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