Re: Nautilus desktop Shell-animation

Take a look at Redhat 7.2's version of xsnow.  I believe it draws on the
Nautilus background.

On Sun, 2002-01-27 at 00:18, Jason Brock wrote:
> I thinking about making alot of Gnome eye-candy features for 2.0
> release.  I have run across many problems trying to get information.  I
> was wondering if the Nautilus Desktop Shell (background, icons) can do
> other things accept drawing a background image from a file. 
> What widget is Nautilus background shell based on? 
> (ex: Gnome canvas, drawing area or their own)
> Can it have the ability to draw some sort of simple animation?  
> I guess the animation could come from SVG graphics or 3d graphics.  It
> would be nice to at least have this flexibility. Other people, like
> myself could write the files for it to render. Or I could do this if
> anyone is interested in including this into Gnome, but I would need
> alittle help. I am already in the process of making a new desk guide
> applet that is 3d. I am old to Gnome and Linux, but new to programming
> gtk+. I have devhelp, found many resources, use these mailing list, but
> can't seem to get my questions answered.
> Please Give me feedback... I have an itch and need to scratch it...
> Thank you,
> Jason Brock
> sho ev1 net
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