Dia bug in Windows 32- GTK lib bug

This may not be the right list, but I have a question:
We needed a simple flow chart program here at my 
work.  Today, I decided that since Dia has that nifty 
win32 installer, I thought I'd try it on Windows NT.  
It works great, except when you use the 
"Flowcharts" object set and put a box with some 
text in it and then try to edit it.  When you do this
the cursor stays to the far right of the text even 
though you can use the arrows, backspace, home,
and end to move around and edit the text.  The
Linux version seems to work correctly.  I was 
wondering if this could be due to a bug in the 
Windows version of the GTK libs rather than a 
bug in Dia.  I thought Havoc or Jeremy or someone
might be able to answer this.  Has anyone had any
experience with Dia for Windows and found a fix?

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