Gnome 1.4 Panel Launcher -- Netscape

   I'm pretty new to Gnome, so please forgive me if I missed 
something basic, here.  I read the Panel Manual and followed the 
instructions for adding a launcher to my panel, but I'm getting an 
error (in ~/.xwm.msgs) whenever I click on the launcher.
   In the launcher (from which I'm trying to start Netscape 4.51 
(which I prefer to the Mozilla that I found in the panel by default),
properties window, I've entered several different values for "Name" 
and "Comment" (just in case it had to be unique) and I've tried 
commands of "netscape," "/usr/local/bin/netscape," 
"/usr/local/bin/communicator-4" (to which netscape is a symlink), 
"/usr/local/bin/communicator-4.51" (to which communicator-4 is 
linked).  The last of these is a wrapper script that calls 
/usr/local/netscape-4.51/communicator-4.51.bin -- so I even tried 
that, just in case it would make a dference (I know... grasping at 
straws), to no avail.
   All of the above commands work just fine from the command line, 
but every attempt to run netscape in one of these ways via a launcher 
fails and the following two lines get printed to my ~/.xwm.msgs log: failed: bad magic number in "/usr/X11R6/lib/"
xalf: timeout launching /bin/sh

   I've created a few other launchers (for xlock, xfontsel, and 
"xterm -e vi") successfully, so I'm pretty sure I'm not screwing up 
what I'm putting into the launcher properties window -- but I wonder 
if I'm missing something elsewhere.  Is Netscape a special case that 
requires some additional tweaking outside of the launcher-properties 
window?  Could the preexistence of Mozilla have set some variable or 
created a file that precludes me from running Nettscape 4.51 from the 
launcher?  If so, can it be undone?
   Any directions or suggestions would be appreciated very much!  
Even bad news (i.e., I can't run ns 4.51 from a launcher) would be 
welcome insomuch as I could quit trying to figure out the problem. :-)

"I just bought a Mac to help me design the next Cray." -- Seymoure 
Cray (1925-1996) when was informed that Apple Inc. had recently 
bought a Cray supercomputer to help them design the next Mac.

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