Re: GNOME won't read my $PATH and $LD_LIBRARY_PATH

The Window Manager is unable to find them. 

1) I'd compiled the new version of GAIM, 0.51. Without
the --prefix it's installed into /usr/local/bin.
Needless to say there was no reference to it in any of
the menu items. Once I'd modified the gaim.desktop's
TryExec field with a full path, /usr/local/bin/gaim,
it showed up and worked just fine.

2) Similar situation with Rust (RPM packaging
software). This time I had compiled it with
--prefix=/opt/gnome. This time the entry to Rust
showed up as one of the menu items, but the it
wouldn't run. Oddly enough, it worked if I would
launch it from one of the open terminals. I started to
dig further into it. I'd opened a new gnome-terminal
and tried to launch the executable from the command
prompt. This time I got an error message back that was missing. Further digging, I'd found
that this lib resides in /usr/local/lib. Upon checking
the $LD_LIBRARY_PATH, in the newly opened term, I
found that the only path defined was /opt/gnome/lib,
eventhought as stated earlier my ${HOME}./bash_profile
has additional library PATH's in it. Once I'd sourced
the bash_profile, and re-executed Rust, it came up
without any problems. I then soft linked
/usr/local/lib/ to /opt/gnome/lib, and the
menu item worked too.

This is how I came to my conclussions.

Thanks for you response

--- Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> wrote:
> Gary Gutman <mrgaryg yahoo com> writes: 
> > 1) I'm noticing that bin's and lib's installed
> outside
> > of /opt/gnome path's are not being found. I have
> my
> > paths setup as following in ${HOME}/.bash_profile
> Not being found by what?
> > 2) I keep getting this enoying message when I
> launch
> > commands from the prompt eventhough the command
> > completes succefully
> > 
> > $ gedit
> > Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by C library
> >
> Set your locale to something supported by the C
> library. e.g. LANG=en_US will probably work. 
> (I'm not sure of the details on Solaris though.)
> Havoc
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