Re: Problems with gstreamer (cvs)

On Sat, Dec 14, 2002 at 06:43:21PM +0000, mike wrote:
> When I try to build gstreamer it fails with the following "error"

gstreamer from CVS always builds with -Werror. I don't really understand
the logic of the gst_debug_register_funcptr implementation (C code in a
header file worries me a little), but this is an example of how -Werror
can sometimes bite you (generally, I prefer using this flag, but in
cases like this it seems to be more of a hinderance).

I don't know what the regular gstreamer developers do, but I have just
removed the -Werror flag from the file (a couple of lines
in, near the top). Note that this flag is off by default in tarballs, so
you won't see it if you build from them.


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