Re: Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 Support

The problem is that the developers have to *have* a Sharp Zaurus before
they can implement support for it.

Eventually, when the Sharp Zaurus is commonplace, I'm sure the support
will be as great as the Palm (because by that point a lot of developers
will have them and so there will be a drive to support them).

Until that happens you might as well be speaking to a brick wall :-)

Maybe you could jumpstart the process by offering to provide the Sharp
Zaurus's for developers? ;-)


On Tue, 2002-04-23 at 20:46, Gene Ruebsamen wrote:
> Alright,
> This needs to be addressed.  Sharp has produced and recently released one of
> best PDA's on the market.  And guess what!? It uses Linux as it's O.S.
> While Sharp is willing to produce a wonderful, yet powerful PDA that not
> only broadens the number of platforms Linux is availiable on, but also
> provide great documentation for Developers.. I find it a bit odd that both
> of the Major desktops (GNOME & KDE) fully support the 3Com Palm Pilot, yet
> have absolutely no support for the Sharp Zaurus SL-5x00 series even though
> developer units have been availiable for almost 6 months now!
> I use Gnome daily as my desktop.  I would love to see Zaurus support and
> Integration (on the level of what the Palm Pilot has).  I would hope we can
> capatalize on this great PDA, and show other companies that when they
> support the Open Source community, great things can happen.  I would hate to
> see the Zaurus die a slow and painful death due to lack of support.
> Lets help the Zaurus out.  Any takers?
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