gdm and XDMCP

Hello everybody,

I've configured and old PC running RedHat 5.2 as an X terminal, and I'm
trying to run an X session on a more recent machine running Mandrake 8.1
and gdm. I enabled XDMCP in the configuration file of gdm
(/etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf). I can see with command netstat -a that UDP port
177 is opened, but gdm doesn't reply to XDMCP requests, which I can see
with tcpdump.

It works ok when I use xdm, but I'd prefer to use gdm (or kdm for that
matter, but this one doesn't even listen on port 177).

Did anybody see that problem before?

Denis Laroche
244 Des Oeillets
Otterburn Park, Québec, Canada, J3H 6G4
dlaroche cam org

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