Re: [gnome-love] ten maybe-possibly-fairly easy-fix bugs for new hacking volunteers

On Sat, 2002-04-20 at 05:42, Luis Villa wrote:
> These are usability bugs. Most of them are string changes and/or button
> location changes. These bugs are almost all very clear and very simple
> 'change this like this' type bugs, and anything with fairly rudimentary

Hmm, ok it's late, and yes, hackers tend to be a little strange, but to
say gnome/gtk-hackers are things? Or do we allow televisions to
participate also? ;-)

Anyway seriously, maybe some info about how to report someone starts
working on one of these bugs, so we don't do any double work. Besides
that, maybe it's possible to add a diffifculty rating in the bugzilla,
so starting hackers can find bugs for themselves which are easy enough
to hack, maybe even a easy report link on the main gnome-bugzilla page?

Jeroen Benckhuijsen

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