Nautilus and HTML


  I'm currently having trouble with Nautilus and viewing HTML. I'm not
using the Mozilla plugin.  Instead, I want to use one of the other GNOME
HTML bonobo components.  In the File Types and Programs setup, I have
EBrowser selected (which is the GtkHTML component, yes?).  However,
Nautilus still defaults to showing text for HTML.  Also, in it's "Other
Views" list, it doesn't even show EBrowser.  I do indeed have gtkhtml
installed, and there is indeed an ebrowser executable.

  I'm using up-to-date Debian Sid packages, so the problem could be
there.  Also, in the control center, when I run the mime types capplet,
the Apply button never becomes active, although my settings are saved
when I hit OK.

gnome-vfs: 1.0.1
nautilus: 1.0.4
gtkhtml: 0.12.0
bonobo: 1.0.8

Sean Etc.

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