Lost sound with Gnome 1.4


I have just subscribed to the list, and I apologize if this question has
already been asked and replied.

I had until a couple of weeks ago Gnome 1.2 as shipped with Red Hat 7.1.
Then I downloaded the Gnome 1.4 source files (because I wanted Gnome 1.4
at home, but I downloaded it from work).

I took great care to:

* Remode the RPMs before installing the newly-compiled packages;
* Configure them with --prefix=/usr, so they were put in the same
  place as the RPM files had been;
* Add all directories where Gnome has put libraries in ld.so.conf,
  and run ldconfig every now an then.

Still, something happened because in the change I completely lost sound
under Gnome. I guess many things could have gone wrong, so I'm not
really asking what is wrong, but rather how could I discover where the
problem is (if in audiofile, esound, etc.)

Thanks in advance,


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