Re: compiling gnome-libs-; DB 1.85

On Sat, Oct 06, 2001 at 04:23:53PM +0200 or thereabouts, Martin Schultheiss wrote:
> Hi!
> I`ve problems compiling gnome-libs to built gnome myself.

On what OS? 

> The doc tells me DB 1.85 or DB 2.0 with DB 1.85-support is required to
> built gnome-libs. But i could only find DB 3.3. I compiled DB 3.3 with
> DB 1.85-support, but compiling of gnome-libs fails and I get an
> error-message that DB 1.85 or compatible DB is not installed.

Try one of these two: 

./configure --enable-prefer-db1		(from ./configure --help)
The patch at

If you try the patch, please add a note to the bug saying whether
it helps or not.

I'm assuming this is on Linux here. I know that people using Solaris
meet all sorts of compile problems too, but I don't know the answers
for those, not using Solaris. I don't know whether this problem is
one that hits BSD/Solaris/everything not Linux or not. 


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