Re: not logging in

Doing df -k results in  78% use.
Moreover, if i am using KDE session , then its getting looged in both as
root and as user,not with GNOME.
well, i am a newbie to these and in early learning stages,so any suggestions
will be of great help..

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> Rahul Garg wrote:
> >  Hi everybody, Well, i am using ret hat linux server.On it is GNOME
> > installed. But when i log in as root  or as simple user its not
> > logging.instead it shows the same screen again.When i telnet and login
> > ,its actually is perfectly fine .Whats the problem.Any suggestions to
> > remove this problem exactly will be quite helpful.
> I've seen that before - Is your disk full?  It seems to be caused by
> gnome or something in the login process trying to write to disk and
> failing.  As a user it can be caused by your home directory/certain
> files being owned by someone else, e.g. root, but as root I've only seen
> it caused by the root disk being full.
> (Do a df -k and see what is at 100%)
> Hope this helps.
> Hani
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