Re: GNOME and KDE development tools.... quick help...

On Thu, May 24, 2001 at 08:38:16PM -0400, ISmith wrote:
> Hello GNOME group,
> I'm looking for some of the best GNOME and KDE development tools out there.
> Any IDE or RAD tools that really help in the development of GNOME or KDE
> projects, especially tools that help in developing components, widgets, etc.
> Any recommendations you could make would be appreciated! Thanks!

For building user interfaces you should give GLADE a try. You just click your
GUI together and let it generate code for it or save it in a xml format you
can dynamically load at runtime.
For help in building widgets or bonobo components you should have a look at
GOB (GTK Object Builder). You embed the code for your widget in some language
similar to Java or C++ (the code itself has to be in C/C++), and GOB generates
all you need to create new widgets itself. (Poor explanation, I know ;-) ).
Just have a look at its manual.

Trolltechs Qt-Designer is a really useful dialog builder. By default it only
supports Qt classes, but there are templates for KDE Widgets.
Qt-Designer is delivered with Qt.
I don't know if there are tools for helping you build components; just try
the KDE project homepage (I think its

Hope this helps

Rolf Schaeuble

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