Re: gnome file selection dialog box

Juergen Salk wrote:
> * Tony Rein <trein one net> [010527 19:43]:
> > Is there any way to get the Gnome file selection widget to show "hidden"
> > files and directories (those starting with ".")?
> .[TAB]
> Best regards - Juergen
Vielen Dank, Juergen, and thanks also to George Farris, who also replied
with this suggestion.

It works, and it will do as an interim solution. Now, is there any way
to get the file selection widget to show all files in a directory at
once, whether or not they are dot-files? In other words, I don't want it
to treat files any differently just because their names start with a
dot. I'm willing to recompile the source if someone can point me towards
the right set of files.

Thanks again.


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