Re: Easter Egg?

gnome-list-request gnome org(1) wrote:
> On Tue, May 22, 2001 at 06:50:54PM -0500, Steve Fox wrote:
> > Twice now since I've been using GNOME 1.4 I've had Wanda the Fish go
> > floating across my desktop for no apparent reason. She goes across all
> > workspaces, and no extra process shows up in 'ps' either. Therefore, I'm
> > thinking that this is an easter egg in the panel or something.
> Tsk tsk tsk, how come people always first think of the panel when there are
> easter eggs.

So just out of interest *are* there any known easter eggs or GNOME or
any other free software?  I was under the impression that easter eggs
were an unfortunate casualty of open source, ie there's not much point
putting them in when they're far more likely to be discovered by someone
perusing the source than by accidentally triggering them.  And as the
credit for free software normally goes straight to the author rather
than a corporation he has less motivation again to put a personal stamp
on it.

1. Sorry for the missing attribution, I'm using a digest and a braindead
mail client.

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