Problems with gnome in Suse

Hi, i downloaded ximian gnome 1.4 with red carpert tool, i went to their site and downloaded the installer but it came the turbo linux (i use suse 7.0) installer so i went to manual instalation and downloaded the instaler for Suse 6.3, after red carpet instaled gnome it asked if i want to set it auto(if i would use  only gnome) or manualy (if  i had more than gnome runing) i choosed manualy. But now i dont know how to start gnome, i added gnome to the suse login (where you choose the user and the wm you want to log in) with kde login manager, i try gnome but it takes me to kde not gnome! I now that gnome script is in /etc/x11/gdm/sessions, where i should copy this in order to get gnome working?
Or, how i get gnome working?

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