Re: Ximian Gnome 1.2 on Solaris/Sparc. WM problems!

On Mon, May 21, 2001 at 08:18:47AM -0500, gdev wrote:

> I did a regular install of Ximian 1.2, Solaris8/Sparc. When I log into 
> gnome, it 'seems' to start up okay, even says its loading the window 
> manager. But when it comes up, all the boarders around dialogs and programs 
> and messed up, just distorted and weird.  To fix it, I just goto the 
> control-center and switch window managers, dosn't matter which one, 
> sawfish, gnome-wm, twm, fixes them right up.

I'm still having the same problem on FreeBSD 3.2. The interesting
things is, my window manager is started via Gnome, and no matter what
I do, I *cannot* get Gnome to start any other window manager. If I
change window managers in the control center, save my session and
restart X, it comes up still in Sawfish. I found the
~/.gnome/default.wm file and changed it there, but the same thing
happens and the file gets rewritten back to what it was.

Enlightenment and twm work fine when I switch into them with gnomecc,
and so does Sawfish if I switch back to it (or kill it and restart
gnome-wm). But on Startup, Sawfish always comes up despite my best
efforts to the contrary, and it always displays those mangled borders.

-Chip Olson. | ceo at shore dot net
"You ask me why we celebrate, when nothing has been won;
 We take dark hours, we make them great, that's all we've ever done..."
                            -Oysterband, "This Is The Voice".

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