Re: focus problems

Can you, from the menu at top, do System|Settings|Window Manager| Run
Configuration tool for [name of your window manager]?  All the settings
you're looking for are therein.

On 05/20/01, 09:45:45PM +0000, Leonard Smith wrote:
> I have a general question about GNOME's focus mangament. Whenever I move
> the mouse from a window it immediately loses focus. Any window over
> which the mouse is located receives the focus even if the window is not
> brought to the front. This is frustrating because anytime my mouse is
> not directly over an application I cannot enter any text into it. Is
> there a way to change this behavior?
> Also, I cannot get nautilus to work nor can I modify any settings for
> Sawfish. Where can I get help for these problems?
> Leonard Smith
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John P. Verel
Norwalk, CT

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