Re: compilation problems with ORBit....


If you are running linux the you have it on one of
your distribution CD's

If you are running some other unix you will
have to get from one of the GNU mirrors.

lex is usually the the version supplied by your unix vendor
while flex is the "free" version of lex.

Hope this helps


Om my SuSE Linux:
$ rpm -qif /usr/bin/flex
Name        : flex                         Relocations: (not
Version     : 2.5.4                             Vendor: SuSE GmbH,
Nuernberg, Ge
Release     : 156                           Build Date: Fri Mar 24
23:07:48 2000
Install date: Mon May 22 14:03:50 2000      Build Host:

Group       : Development/Tools             Source RPM:
Size        : 191988                           License: 1990 The Regents
of the
University of California.
Packager    : feedback suse de
Summary     : flex - fast lexical analyzer generator
Description :
flex is a tool for generating scanners: programs which
recognize lexical patterns in text.


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