focus behavior in gnome/sawfish

I am subscribed to the digest version of this list, so apologies if this
particular message doesn't get filed under the appropriate thread.

I discovered the source of many of my Ximian Gnome upgrade woes.  Either
Gnome, or Ximian, or perhaps the Sawfish developers have decided to set
a whole bunch of new key-bindings by default.  The one that was causing
me so much grief was "Raise transients and pass through click" being
assigned to one or all of my mouse clicks in the "window" context.


In the Gnome Control Center change/delete the appropriate settings in
the "Shortcuts" menu.  In the Sawfish configurator, change settings in
the "Bindings" menu.

Now, the tougher question is how to force a window who's WM_HINTS does
not request focus to be focused by the window manager.  Sawfish purports
to support the ability to force this, but I notice no difference whether
it is on or off.  I can only force focus on such a window by attempting
to move or resize it, and this works regardless of my focus settings in
the Sawfish Configurator.


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