Re: install problems with Ximian gnome 1.4

On Mon, Apr 30, 2001 at 02:11:09PM -0400 or thereabouts, Poletti, Don wrote:
> I ran the go-gnome script and I have a few comments.
> One it took me a could of times to get a few things set up right
> and each time I had to re-download the go-gnome script. Since
> its 1.8M this take a little while over a dial up. I find this 
> extremely annoying and a waste of bandwidth.
> I choose the normal install and after the 70 Meg download I got
> the following error.

I'm not sure what caused this error. But on the matter of having
to "re-download" the go-gnome script: I'm fairly sure that the
first time I met that script, I wanted to know what was being run as
root and I just downloaded the script (as opposed to just looking it
on the web) to look. I would bet you can just wget it onto your machine.
This isn't going to solve a lot when it comes to grabbing all the
packages. But it might save you that 1.8 meg :) (In fact, I just tried,
and yes, you can.)

The script itself is not that big; but it looks at your machine and
gets the right installer for it. The name for the installer and the
location of the mirrors are all in it. So again, rather than repeatedly
downloading the installer, you could grab that. 

The script also mentions a cache directory: /var/cache/redcarpet. 
Rather than starting the install over again, it is worth looking in
there to see whether the bulk of the rpms are already there. 


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