Re: some newbie questions.

On 28 Mar 2001 04:28:05 +0800, Peter Berthlin wrote:
> Hello, i got some gnome questions.
> 1. How do i make control-center to not start when i startup X and gnome?

get your desktop clean, right-click anywhere on a panel and select:
Programs -> settings -> session -> save current session. Be sure to turn
off "Automatically save changes to session" in the Session Options of
the Control Center

> 2. My mouse buttons brings up enlightenment menus, i dont want that, its very 
> innoying, how do i make it dissapear?

Dunno, but you'd better run Sawfish. It's also pretty themeable and it's
the standard-wm of Gnome 1.4. In my opinion it's the only one that works
perfectly together with Gnome. All the other ones have double functions,
like the mouse-actions in Enlightenment, or parts of the wm that
conflict with Gnome-panels (WindowMaker dock/clip/miniwindows, big
E-themes with strange bars to emulate a dead OS) and stuff....


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