Re: gnometail/gtktail?

On 15-Mar-01 Jonathan Gift wrote:
> joschi eds org wrote:
>> Hey all, does anyone know if there is an exists a simple gnome or gtk
>> frontend
>> to the tail command?  It would be nice to have and i am looking to write
>> such a
>> simple little utility mostly to further my learning of gtk/gnome
>> development. 
>> If it already exists, any suggestions of other little projects like that
>> would
>> be appriciated.   thanks!
> It's not gtk, but there's a great tool that will tail anything to the
> root window, transparent, and any size, any postion.
> root tail

gmc can already do this: Select a file, right-click, select View, then choose
File/Monitor File in the viewer window.

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Date: 18-Mar-01
Time: 00:31:32

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