Re: Want to remove Gnome and start again ( off suse 7.1 )

On Mon, Mar 19, 2001 at 02:20:20PM -0000 or thereabouts, dids wrote:
> It seems ( unless Im wrong ) that most gnome progs expect gnome to be in
> /usr/local instead of /opt/gnome


It's down to prefixes. Tarballs default to a prefix of /usr/local/ as
is proper for stuff locally compiled on a system. 

Package managers for different distros (and flavours of UNIX) default 
to different places. (SuSE goes for /opt.) 

This is explained in
(scattered about over several questions, I admit. Not the greatest
organisation in the world in that section, sorry.)

> whatever, i would like to remove all the gnome stuff on my machine ie libs
> etc and start again by hand.
> Can someone give me some pointers about which directories i can remove
> Ive already done the rpms etc

If it was all installed via rpms, then rpm -e should do the trick. 
If you have been adding stuff from tarballs, then I hope you kept
the source trees. If so, cd into the relevant directories, and
hope someone wrote the magic for "make uninstall" to work (that removes
what make install created).

> Id also like to know which environment vars Suse is setting up for me by
> default and how to stop it. eg GNOME_DIR

Whilst running GNOME, try "printenv" to get a list of all your 
environment variables. "printenv | more" or "printenv | less" is
probably useful here, as it can be a long list. I don't know enough
about SuSE to know, but I would take a good look at the 'startx'
shell script, wherever it is on your system, and particularly the
section that deals with "startx gnome". It can take a fair bit of
following through scripts to find which is doing or calling what.
But at least with shell scripts you can just read through them.


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