Re: gnome file open dialog.

Isn't the GNOME file dialog just the standard GTK+ one? GTK+ certainly needs
a better dialog - a button for the ~ directory should be there at the very
least, and I would definitely prefer something closer to what KDE2 has. One
hopes GTK+ 2 has better dialogs planned, but it would be nice to see better
ones added to GTK 1.2. Surely it's not too hard to replace the dialog with
something nicer without breaking the interface? That's the point of using a
fake OO architecture for the library in the first place isn't it? And if one
can't be put in GTK+, perhaps one should be added to gnome-libs.

Leon Chiver wrote:

> I've installed gnome 1.4 beta2 from ximian, and I have to say that UGLY,
> HARD TO USE file-open-dialog is still there. When will come that day
> when gnome will be as easy and productive to
> use as kde is?
> I'm using gnome but I expected more from gnome 1.4. It's still not there
> where it should be.

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