Re: GNOME background problem

On 28 Jun 2001 23:50:56 +0000, awheelah att net wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running Ximian 1.4 on a dual-headed HP Visualize
> X-class workstation.  I would like to run xplanet as my
> background "setting", but GNOME doesn't seem to want to
> release control of the background.  (The "Use GNOME to
> set background" button in the Background submenu of the
> control center is *not* selected.)
> Things I've tried:
>  o xsetroot -solid <color> has no effect
>  o removing the pixmap that was set as the wallpaper
> has     no effect
>  o other programs (like xv) cannot seem to overide
> the       current background.
> Misc:
>  o I'm running Debian potato
>  o I've compiled the latest XFree86 4.1 dist
> What is interesting is that if I restart the X server,
> xplanet is running underneath the current background.
> Any ideas?

What is happening is that Nautilus draws the background as one big
window. This has the effect of covering up the ``real'' background. You
can set nautilus to not draw on the desktop (in Nautilus's settings).
Alternately you could use GMC instead of Nautilus, or even no file
manager at all.

Unfortunately for xearth fans, there are no plans to let the desktop
show through. (Basicly the reasoning (with which I agree)  is that it's
an ugly hack to do otherwise.)


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