gdm: through to the next round

> > When trying to start gdm, I get the error message:
> >    gdm_verify_check: Can't find PAM configuration file for gdm
> > 
> > - gdm has a pam.d/gdm file at /opt/gnome/etc/pam.d/gdm - maybe 
> > gdm_verify_check cant' find it?  gdm_verify_check seems to be looking 
> > for /etc/pam.conf and /etc/pam.d/gdm - neither of which exist on my 
> > system (SuSE 6.4).  My system has /etc/pam.d but no pam.conf

> See whether creating /etc/pam.d/gdm as a symlink pointing to the 
> /opt/gnome... one works ...

This works! ... the problem with pam is fixed, but I'm not home and
dry yet.  
I get the splash login screen but, typing in my login details gets
'Authentication failed' for all users *and* root.  I don't even get to
type my password.  Is gdm not finding /etc/passwd?

> > - although gdm is installed in /opt/gnome, the gdm user has /var/lib/gdm 
> > as its home directory in /etc/passwd.  This is surely wrong but what 
> > should it be changed to?  /opt/gnome/var/gdm does not improve things.
> Please put this last section in bugzilla against gdm and mention the
> distro you're using. Thanks! and product
> gdm. (You'll an account, and cookies enabled in order to login -- or
> you can send it via a recent bug-buddy, but it's harder to add comments
> later that way.)

This is not a bad idea, I'll send in once the dust has settled.

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