Re: GNOME Keyboard Shortcuts

Wow, I wish everyone was always this polite.

On 26 Jun 2001 14:05:46 +0800, April Chen wrote:
> Hi,I've now registed successfully to be GNOME-LIST member, I'd like to post my inquiry before I'd done as described below. Hope someone can help me. Thank you.=====================Dear Sir/Madam,Good day.Can you kindly do me a favor instructing me how cna I find the GNOME shortcuts?I do spent a plenty of the time to search the article regarding GNOME keyboard shortcuts (not mean Nautilus keyboard shortcuts), such as pressing Alt-Shift-Tab to rotate windows .... ect.Be kind informed that I'm not going to find the method of the shortcut setting (Control Center), just GNOME default window manager tips. I'm planing to define a shortcut to my new product and require for further details. Your prompt reply will be deeply appreciated.Best Regards,April Chen
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