Re: 3d

Mark Gordon wrote:

> Are you running Linux Mandrake, LinuxPPC, or Yellow Dog Linux?  There was a
> packaging error in our xscreensaver-gl package for those distributions.  We
> should have fixed ones soon.  The other platforms should work fine.
> -Mark Gordon
> On Sat, Jun 16, 2001 at 12:28:08PM -0700, GLeeJohnson wrote:
> > i no longer..since upgrading to ximian have opengl support it seems screensavers
> > aren't functiong at all in controlcenter ...they just don't do anything only 2d
> > ones........

darn too many mailing lists i ususally remember to include such info :)))

RH7.1/ximian update/out of box kde ...

come to think of it i did forget that ( went away from computer for short time to let
ximian update do its thing ) when i came back upstairs computer had
froze......thankfully on part of upgrade where you just select type of gui boot you
want..........i thought oh boy i'm in trouble but upon reboot its fine....possibly
that corrupted the screensaver aspect of things that or i answered a question wrong
when configuring desktop?.....


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