Re: Monthly check in

On 07 Jun 2001 13:54:29 -0500, Joakim Ziegler wrote:
> I'd personally like to avoid touching the Gnotices issue at the moment,
> just because people seem to be trying to figure out what to do about it
> on an executive level.

I'd vote for disabling comments on Gnotices. It is not the proper place
for posting bugs, feature requests, or trolling. And if you've read it
at all in the last year you'd know that, that is the only thing going on
there. Maybe we can provide a feedback link that points to the
gnome-list subscription page.

> * Write some basic PHP templates and an example page or two.
> * Use placeholder graphics and the like where none has been decided yet.
> * Import that into a new CVS module.
> * Announce it here so that we can all descend upon it like ravenous
> wolves and start developing.

Oh yeah! I've been waiting for this.


Steve Fox

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