Re: GTK 2

Hi Nick,

> Anyway, I have a question.  I have heard some people say that
> they are
> running GTK 2.  How is this possible?  I am under the
> impression that GTK+
> 1.2 is the current official release, and that the in
> development version is
> 1.3.  

You are right. 
Gtk+ 1.2.9 is the current official release
Gtk+ 1.3.x is the development series for Gtk+ 2. So when people
say that they are running
GTK 2 they, really, are referring to Gtk 1.3.x  or to the CVS
version of Gtk+

> Also, if there were
> a 2.0, would it
> function with the current release of GNOME?

You have to wait GNOME 2 to use Gtk+ 2 with Gnome.



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