Re: Making Menus "Mac-like"

tachysx yahoo com (2001-07-06 at 2308.16 -0700):
> I would like to have the application menus on top of
> the screen instead on inside the window.

Not yet. I have heard comments about doing it, so probably you will be
able in the future.

> Also I would like the menus on top and window buttons
> on side of the screen to be "infinite" meaning you can
> jam your mouse on the edge of the screen and still
> select them.

Choose a theme that does that (or create one, or convice someone to do
one). Maybe you will have to change window manager, if the other
solutions are not possible with your current window manager.

Visit and view the themes avaliable, there are
many, so maybe at leat one will do what you want.


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