Hi everyone,

The-fix-the-loop-Release v0.3.3 of BEAST/BSE is available at:

The website, with release announcement, as usual:

BEAST was packaged up and got included into Debian some while ago, which drove
the issue home: a bug in newer libart versions resulted in BEAST hanging when
synthesis networks are used.
So despite plans to concentrate all effords on the Gtk+-1.3.x based development
version, here is the 0.3.2 based workaround release 0.3.3.
This is expected to be the last Gtk+-1.2.x based release being made.
In other news, BEAST is again looking for a webmaster, so html-skilled people,
drop me an email if you'd like to volounteer ;)

Overview of Changes in BEAST/BSE 0.3.3:

* Fixed font specification in pattern editor
* GNOME Canvas redrawing workarounds
* Libart hang workaround
* Libtool update


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