Mildly annoyed (but growing) ex-WM user


I've recently switched from Window Maker (which I used for years) to Gnome with
Sawfish. While the speed and look of the enviro is more up to date than WM, I
have one HUGE complaint. Mind you I do not know if this is the fault of Sawfish
or if it's a "Gnome-thing".

I run my sessions with "sloppy focus" enabled. Under Window Maker I had the
option of allowing the application to receive every mouse click, including the
one that would give the app focus. I ran with this enabled obviously since I
didn't need a click to give an app focus with sloppy focus. This meant that
wherever I would click, the app beneath the cursor would respond. 

However, since switching (and leaving sloppy focus on) I've noticed that I need
to click once on the application to give it focus anyhow, even though it already
has focus since the mouse pointer is over the app. That is, the first time I try
to click on something in an application after that application receives focus, I
must click twice. 

This is HIGHLY annoying. Can anyone give me some pointers on this? Ie, is it a
known problem? Is it a Gnome thing or a Sawfish thing? 



John LeMay Jr.
Senior Enterprise Consultant

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