Gnome hangs on startup, what to do??

I have just installed several pre compiled gnome packages on an sgi indy running irix 6.2. Everything seems to work up to the "midnight manager", gnome core and gnome control panel installation . I can run applications utilizing gnome gtk and some gnome core applications work but, for example, when i run gnome help (as root) the whole "gnome-help-browser" hangs and refuse to do anything, i can't even click the buttons on the browser. I have used other programs using gtk so i (think) i know that this is not the problem. Although i do get one error message (like "getpwuid_r() failed due tofunction not implemented)". Other files that just won't start are panel and gnome midnight commander.

Please help me because  i just dont know how to solve this problem and i would really like to use gnome. (The reason that i have used pre-compiled binaries is that i can't get gnome to compile under irix and i suppose that i have to do substantial changes to get it to compile under (since irix developers doesn't seem to find it nesessary to be compatible.)

These are the gnome packages i have installed

Gnome Core
Gnome Control Center
Gnome Application Library
Gnome aplets
gnome audio
gnome libs
gnome media
gnome print
gnome utils
gtk engines
lib http
Midnight Commander
Rep gtk

Any help are very appreciated because i am quite lost here.



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