Re: Help with Installation of GNOME 1.4 ?

On Tue, Jul 17, 2001 at 07:09:36PM +0200, Francois et Helene wrote:
> When I try to install Gnome 1.4 with  "lynx -source
> | sh"  things go good at first. I download the installer and then I get
> the message
> /var/cache/redcarpet/ins  [########################]    1664K |
> 59.86K/s
> 1704610 bytes transferred in 27.81 sec (59.86k/sec)
> done.
> Installer extracted into /var/cache/redcarpet/installer.
> Running with arguments:
> Log of install will be in
> /var/cache/redcarpet/install.log.20010717190522
> The installer appears to have encountered an error.
> Please check /var/cache/redcarpet/install.log.20010717190522 for
> details.
> And  in the log I find :
> Download directory is "/var/cache/redcarpet/packages"
> Distro is redhat-62-i386
> The Ximian installer was unable to initialize the packaging
> system. This is often caused when another application has
> accessed the packaging system first, such as rpm, apt-get,
> dpkg, or Red Carpet. Please quit any of these applications
> and re-run the installer application.
> I am running a Rh6.2 system. I wasnt runnng rpm, apt-get, dpkg or Red
> Carpet (at least that I know of).

What version of rpm are you running? It may have to be at least version
3.0.6 in order to install certain RPM formats. I'm not sure this is the
case with the Ximian rpms, but it may help (the default rpm from Red Hat
6.2 is not recent enough).


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